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Basic Service Term
1.All the ownership and usufructuary right related to every service of ST3D network shall be subjected to our community. All service provided by our website will be strictly restricted by and followed to the service terms. Only users that agreed our terms can become our website exhibitor.
2.Enterprises, when applying for the usage of ST3D website, are requested to provide the exact information needed by our website following the rank they belong to, guarantee the authenticity of the information and no infringe of the intellectual property rights. Update information when there are changes, to ensue the latest data of the product is displayed. Below rules must be strictly followed during the usage of our website.
(1)Users shall observe and comply with related laws and regulations of china.
(2) Use the website only in legal purpose.
(3) Users shall observe and comply with agreement, regulations and procedures related to network services.
(4) Any behavior that may result in bad influences of the network is prohibited.
(5) Any information in the purpose of harassment, slander, threatn pornographic and any other illegal intention is restricted.
(6) Report to network administrator where any illegal usage of account or network security flaw is found.
3.Exhibitor shall well preserve its own user account and password.

Other Terms
1.This service term apply to all paid and free exhibitor on ST3D network.
2.ST3D network provide only related networking services. Equipments (computer & related hardware) and charges (internet charges) for accessing the internet are not included.
3.Exhibitor shall be responsible for all data, text, audio, pictures and other information. Our website is only a passive channel for publishing the information from exhibitors who possess of the entire rights of information (including intellectual property rights and rights of any other form).
4.Our website is only a platform for the exhibitors to search for customers and acquire for any other related information, while not responsible for and have no ability to control product quality and safety during the trade, not verified the validity and legality of the supplier, as well as not guarantee of the fulfillment of the trade contract.
5.The right of final interpretation of the website belongs to our community.

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